House Extension Northcote

It can be great fun adding a House Extension Northcote. Especially if it happens to be a child’s playroom. You may toy with the idea of planning a home office for yourself. This would require plenty of planning and research.

Furthermore, paying attention to the legal aspects are just as important in order to avoid getting fined or penalised.

The Klasev Building Group is all too familiar with various building rules and regulations and kindly provided some insight in this regard.

Regulations and Permits

Before you’re allowed to go ahead with any building extensions, you’ll need a permit. ¬†Especially if it is your intention to add on extra space to an existing structure. Then it is mandatory to obtain a permit from your local authority.

Various building regulations have to be followed and adhered to. This is the type of thing the building authorities would check when you present them with a house extension plan. They would inspect your plan to confirm if it is in line with set building regulations. You’ll require their approval before you may proceed with the planned extensions.

Always Be Concerned for Your Neighbours in Terms of Extending Your House

Best to ensure you do not cause too many disruptions when it comes to house extensions such as erecting a structure that blocks driveway or adversely affects their views.

To keep the peace it’s best to consult with them first. This way you’ll prevent any issues cropping up later while maintaining a sound relationship at the same time. You never know, they may have the same thing in mind in which case you could agree to share the costs. Especially if he or she intends putting up a wall around the property. Consultations with the neighbours may prove to be beneficial to the both of you.

Contracting with Reputed House Extension Northcote Building Contractors

On further investigation you’ll find that different tradespeople are needed for house extensions such as plumbers, gas fitters and builders like the Klasev Building Group.

Contracting with the best ensures any work carried out is performed according to industry standards. As far extending your house is concerned, it is highly recommended you employ the services of expert building contractors such as the Klasev Building Group to undertake the whole project. This would help reduce the stress off  having to organise meetings with all sorts of tradesmen.

In addition, you should go on to prepare a binding agreement between yourself and the construction company of your choice to prevent any discrepancies later on.