House Extension Preston

Should You Hire House Extension Preston Experts or Do It Yourself?


Constructing a house extension Preston devoid of using a remodeler or building contractor can either be a fulfilling experience or turn out an utter disaster! However, the following rewards are well worth it:

  • Up to 40% less expensive
  • Creates a sense of fulfillment
  • Completed to standards you want

In this guide, we do our best to define the basic principles involved in creating an extension as well as some time saving measures you can take.

Initially, you’ll need to an architect has to be used to draw up the plans. Once you have that out of the way, the plans must be sent to your local planning division for approval. When all the relevant fees had been paid and the plans were approved, the next step would be the actual building work. For this, you’ll need to contract with reputable house extenders like the Klasev Building Group who specializes in this kind of thing. They will check out the drawings and furnish you with a quotation in turn.

Before you start the house extending project, it is worth putting an agreement together between yourself and the contractors so there is not discrepancies later on. The actual sequence that will be followed may look like this:

  • Moving utility pipes or cables
  • Excavating the foundations
  • Mixing concrete for filling the foundations
  • Doing the blockwork for the foundations
  • Flooring
  • Setting up the structure or framework
  • Roofing
  • Installing windows and doors
  • Internal construction work
  • And more…

Utility companies tend to have long lead times, so it’s best to get in touch with them as soon as possible in order to limit wasting time.

When it comes to excavations being taken care of by reputed house extension Preston experts, they would either make use of machinery, hand dug equipment or both. It all depends on the scope of the project.

Concreting the foundations would entail making use of wheelbarrows or concrete Lorries that generally operate according to 30 minute per load for an offload time limit. Dumpers need to work quick enough, which results in additional expenses.

Blockwork on the other hand needs to be performed by skilled bricklayers, which again illustrates the fact that you need to work with reputable construction companies such as the Klasev Building Group.

Flooring would either consist of concrete or timber joints for which a list of materials need to drawn up by yourself or the builders.

With the right house extenders, a positive attitude and good negotiation skills, you can soon look forward to an extension that suits your living requirements, which in turn will make you proud. Contact the Klasev Building Group today on (03) 9464 2180 today to help make your dreams come true.