Renovations Bundoora

Is your home run in such a way that it is energy efficient to the extent that it contributes to a greener planet? Maybe it is a good time to renovate your home and ensure it ticks all the boxes in terms of being environmentally friendly. Tackling such a project is not all that easy all on your own. In most cases, it is far better to surround yourself with the right team such as renovations Bundoora experts. After all, renovating your home is not all that easy to pull off all on your own, you need the assistance of professional home builders.

Update Parts of Your Home Through Using Recycled Glass


Nowadays it is not all that uncommon to make use of recycled glass when renovating your home. Take glass benchtops for instance. No one will even notice that recycled glass was used.


Renovations Bundoora specialists like the Klasev Building Group have years of construction experience and worked on many a home renovation project. They are in the best position to recommend all types of eco-friendly materials and have the necessary connections to ensure lower prices overall.


How about using recycled glass tiles when tackling a bathroom renovation project. The opportunities to make your home environmentally friendly is endless.


As you can see there are numerous ways to make your contribution to a greener planet. The best place to start when tackling any renovation project would be your kitchen. Best of all, there is no need to complete throw everything out and replace it with new stuff. In this regard renovation makes perfect sense as you simply reface certain items rather than get rid of it.


Have you thought of re-using an old door as a table or even as a headboard? It is a case of rethinking how you are going to make your home eco-friendlier without harming the environment by discarding materials or items that could be used in other areas of your home.


Think how much money you will save as replace items within your home are often times more expensive to do than utilizing the expertise of a renovations Bundoora team.


Sustainable materials such as cork and bamboo flooring and recycled bathroom tiles as well as recycled benchtops helps a lot to cut down on the overall depletion of our planet’s natural resources.


Working with a local team like the Klasev Building Group who make use of local suppliers for the materials they use will in itself contribute to a Greener environment as it lessens transportation demands and reduces the amount of fossil fuels in turn.


Shower head and low flow toilets as well as various Energy Star Appliances will not only save you some money but it is very good for our environment. Find out how you can make your contribution to a eco-friendlier home by calling (03) 9464 2180.