Renovations Doncaster


When the time comes to refurbishing your home, the bathroom might be the last place you think about when putting your renovations Doncaster budget together. Make no mistake, your bathroom deserves as much care and consideration as any of the other rooms in your house.


This is one room that needs special attention as it has to stand the test of time, for that reason it is imperative to iron out any issues right from the word go. Let us show you how


We do suggest you hire an expert renovator who services the Doncaster area. Even so, it is useful to understand some pertinent issues surrounding the renovation project itself.


Doing Some Homework on Your Shower System


The flow rate is something you need to pay attention to as it should be between 10 to 12 litres a minute at a pressure rate of about 0.1 bar and 0.5 bars. In terms of the shower valve, you should ask yourself what type of hot water system you currently possess. With regards to the suitability of the various shower parts, it is best you leave it up to the home builder to decide.


You may want to have a concealed valve installed. However, check to see if you have the needed stud-work in place to accommodate the valve.

Ensure Your New Basin Can Be Supported by Your Bathroom Wall


We all know how many hands your basin has to endure in a day. Think about it. Your family and friends will lean on it and at times even bump into it. Little kiddies will even try and climb into it. Therefore, the main concern with any bathroom basin would be its stability. Expert home builders like the Klasev Building Group suggests you reinforce your wall using a 24mm marine ply. Not to worry, specs are generally provided by the manufacturers.


Bathroom Luxuries like Heated Mirrors and TVs in Your Shower


Would you believe it that modern day electronics like wall mounted TVs (in-showers) and even speakers are becoming more popular than ever. Not to mention heated mirrors without any steaming issues. For this to happen, you need to hire reputed home builders such as the Klasev Building Group as they will know what is needed to conform to specific building regulations


Achieve Design Freedom with Your Bathroom Walls


One way to achieve a lot more freedom would be to select a wall or two within your bathroom and stud it out by 200mm plus. This is a great idea as it allows for extra housing and additional framework that are required to house valves, pipework, wiring and a concealed cistern. As long as you ensure there are some pop-up panels as well to provide access to these areas. Now you can go to down in terms of bathroom renovations Doncaster ideas. Contact the Klasev Building Group on (03) 9464 2180 for more information on bathroom refurbishing.